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About ShiftIn' powered by Spark

Our Story

Welcome to ShiftIn’ powered by Spark, where sustainability meets innovation. The name derived from the words "Shifting Innovations" and since 2024 is powered by our Spark Innovation Sphere by Les Roches, a hub fostering technological innovation, sustainability, and networking within the hospitality industry. 


In the past ShiftIn' consisted of a 3-day online conference with speakers from all over the world, a smaller, more intimate event on campus for the local community (in French), and the academic challenges. In 2024, the event went through a major transformation in concept.


Now in its fourth consecutive year, be the first to discover and test groundbreaking sustainable innovations within the Hospitality Industry, all with the aim of fostering a more sustainable present and future. Witness live demonstrations of cutting-edge technology and attend keynote presentations from esteemed partners, followed by a cocktail reception for networking opportunities. Engage with industry leaders, forge valuable partnerships, and participate in meaningful dialogue focused on addressing the current challenges in sustainable, innovative development.

In addition, students from various academic institutions have the opportunity to participate in academic challenges, including an Industry-led and a short-essay competition. These challenges provide a platform for students to push their capabilities to tackle real-world problems and devise innovative, sustainable solutions, all while competing for exciting prizes.

Green Buildings


To cultivate a sustainable and innovative Way of Life for the hospitality and tourism industry by educating and empowering the next generation of leaders.


To ignite a vibrant community of students, academics, and industry experts, sparking innovative ideas and bold solutions to tackle today’s challenges and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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