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Academic Challenges


SEYS Awards Position Paper

Led by: SUNx Malta

Led by one of our trusted overarching sustainability partners, individually, evaluate the importance of Earth Charter today in comparison to when it was first written in a 500-word essay. The 6 best papers win a prize.

View the guidelines here.

Industry-led Challenge

In collaboration with one of our trusted overarching sustainability partners. Teams will be partnered with high-profile industry experts for five weeks to generate solutions to real-world waste reduction issues laid out by Oceanic global. The teams will then present their solutions during ShiftIn’ with a chance to win an internship! 

Watch the intro video here.

View the guidelines here.

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 2.34.40 PM.png


In collaboration with Viva con Agua, an NGO who provides access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene through music, sport and art, participants will ideate the gamification features of their new digital platform through a video. A sustainable competition to create a better world. 

View the guidelines here.

Graduate Paper

Led by: Les Roches

Explore the matters of the Quality of Life and its relevance to the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Showcase a critical reflection of current practices and demonstrate the so-called dialectical quality of action cycles for the industry: quality of life, circular economy, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.

View the guidelines here.

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