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MAY 15

09:00 - 10:00

Hosted by: John Scanlon

I will outline the importance of biodiversity, the threats to biodiversity, and what we can do to address those threats.

10:15 - 11:15

Hosted by: Dr. Melissa Sikosana and Yuma Langenbach

Nature has 4 billion years of research and development to create a blueprint of strategies that work! Biomimicry is the practice of learning from and emulating nature’s genius to solve design challenges and create sustainable designs - now recognised as the formula that will ‘ save the human race and the planet’ - Forbes.

From ‘Living Machines in Cape Town’; to ‘Cyclic city metabolisms in Abuja’; and ‘the Global Living Challenge’, we will delve into the biomimetic innovations of the past decade and explore their potential applications in the hospitality industry. 

A new wave of biomimicry practitioners is emerging - who take biomimicry beyond classical architecture and engineering practices. Our learners at Learn Biomimicry are setting the stage for more holistic (cross-sector) approaches, such as; a ‘nature-inspired ‘10:3’ Voting System’; or ‘Circular Floral Materials and Art’; or ‘Biophilic Healing Spaces for women’ and ‘Nature-inspired Business and Collaboration Models for biobased construction’ - and much more. Let’s redefine the Function of the Hospitality Industry and create conditions conducive to life. 

12:30 - 13:30

Hosted by: Lorraine Jenks

Sustainable, Green Hospitality can no longer be a nice-to-have bolt on. It needs to be a part of your DNA and the very essence of your establishment. Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) standards are increasingly being interrogated by customers, investors, regulators and stakeholders. 

Sustainability is about much more than energy, water and waste. Understanding the fundamental principles of sustainability, circularity, regeneration and net zero carbon targets of the Paris Accord, IPCC and COP26 is central to knowing why, what and how to make better choices.

For the presentation this year we will take an innovative approach and consider the major sectors throughout the hospitality industry to identify which critically important products and practices should be measured, improved, and judiciously reported.  You will leave with actionable solutions feeling informed and inspired and with the courage to influence the future of your industry for the benefit of all.

13:45 - 14:45

Hosted by: Prof. Geoffrey Lipman

Lipman will overview the intensification of the Code Red Climate Crisis and what it means for Travel & Tourism. He will identify action that SUNx Malta is undertaking - including with Les Roches. Finally he will underscore why the future of tourism is in the hands of the next generation, who want action for code red not code green.

15:00 - 16:00

Hosted by: Sanjay Chib

The interactive presentation focuses on “Climate Action that matters”. Climate is deteriorating at an alarming pace. In order to achieve the Paris agreement and avoid the global temperature rise above 1.5 degree Celsius, a collective global action is required. Impactful Climate Action requires business organizations to achieve Net Zero. The roadmap to net zero includes complete reduction in GHG emissions.

To accelerate the climate action, high quality supply of carbon dioxide removal is seen as a powerful and workable solution. This presentation further focuses on voluntary carbon markets and solutions required to address the issues in the current carbon markets such as fraudulent removals, double accounting etc. Web3 application is discussed as a solution to improve the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).

16:15 - 17:15

Hosted by: Maria Olazabal

Sustainability, entrepreneurship, hotel practices, OTAs, a new kind of travel, educating travelers.

17:30 - 18:30

Hosted by: Dr. Rachel Dodds

The impacts of tourism are not always positive yet shaming others for bad behaviour does not encourage positive behaviour. This talk will examine how we can refocus tourism using lessons we give our children. 

MAY 16


Hosted by: Dr. Xavier Font

Learn more about the six steps that small businesses and destination managers can use to design and market sustainable experiences, and how your destination, industry association or consultancy company can use free of charge the materials prepared by the EU Interreg funded project to apply them to deliver training in your destination, including a 67-page report and a set of PowerPoint slides.

10:15 - 11:15

Hosted by: Cassia Patel

Oceanic Global is hosting a day-long Ocean x Climate Summit side event at COP27 this year in Egypt on 11th November to immerse global stakeholders in the importance and potential of the ocean as a key ally to mitigate climate change, and to support multi-stakeholder action for the ocean and all it sustains. The summit will include a segment on Regenerative Tourism to acknowledge that the tourism industry is a major contributor to climate change and biodiversity loss, and yet holds immense potential to be a driving force in building climate resilience and sustainable livelihoods through driving behavior change and engaging directly with frontline communities. This ShiftIn' presentation will highlight key takeaways from this side event as well as relevant insights for the hospitality and tourism sector from the two weeks of climate negotiations and announcements. 


Hosted by: José Luis Blasco and Alvaro Hidalgo

Jose Luis Blasco Vazquez from Acciona will be interviewed by Alvaro Hidalgo from Les Roches Marbella, in the impact of Sustainability in the investments in Hospitality. The session will cover two aspects of this subject: How does Sustainability issues impact future investments in the industry, and How it is currently affecting existing projects and the overall industry returns.


The hospitality industry is a fast-paced growth industry based upon its ability to mobilize public & private sector funding for long term investment projects. . After the COVID pause, new investments are hitting new records worldwide and the acceleration of emerging markets will only speed up this trend. 
Still, investors are becoming more vigilant in the assessment of risks, and  in particular, no investment is currently envisaged without a careful consideration of the impact of sustainability components elements in the project.


Likewise, Sustainability overall and Climate Change in particular, represents already a major challenge to existing hospitality and tourism operations. Whether the impact of volatility in weather pattern, the increasing number of extreme storms, draughts etc., and other weather phenomena are affecting destinations, infrastructures, seasonal differentiation etc. This is in turn affecting the returns as well as cashflow from ongoing projects.


Hosted by: Elise Buckle

Elise Buckle will discuss the planetary emergency, climate science, COP27 news on latest climate negotiations, the importance of valuing diversity and inclusiveness including youth and women empowerment, resilience (systems resilience and personal resilience), and what teachers and students can do.


Hosted by: Marta Cardoso

Within the world of hospitality, Six Senses has created a niche for itself and become a gamechanger in sustainability. Sustainable is not something that we do; it is who we are, and that’s why our commitment is shown in everything we do.


Either how we make a smart use of the land topography, orientation and renewable building materials to create spaces that are vibrant and alive, or by employing and sourcing locally and leaving a legacy through education, sanitation and healthcare programs for future generations, or even how are the Sustainability funds at each property used to develop local communities or protect the environment. 


Hosted by: Les Roches Crans Montana

MAY 18


Local Day

Hosted by: Les Roches Crans Montana

Local Day hosted on campus in French. Please click here for more details.

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