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Francisco Javier Martin Romo

Country Manager, Italy

Keenon Robotics

Francisco Javier Martín Romo, born on July 1, 1981, in Salamanca, Spain, is an accomplished professional in the field of indoor delivery robotics within the service industry. Educated initially in Law at Universidad de Salamanca, Francisco expanded his academic pursuit to include Business Administration, earning his MBA from ESERP, Spain. His international exposure is marked by an Erasmus stint at LUISS Guido Carli di Roma, Italy, which deepened his appreciation for global business dynamics. 


Francisco's career trajectory began in hospitality management across diverse locations such as London, Dubai, and Mussanah, Oman, with roles ranging from Operations Manager in London to Complex Beverage Manager in Dubai. In 2015, while in London, his encounter with Moley Robotics ignited his passion for robotics, viewing it as a transformative force in the service sector. This interest has since guided his career towards technology, leading to his current position as the Country Manager for Italy & Iberia at Keenon Robotics EMEA, based in Milan. 


Beyond his professional engagements, Francisco is a fervent advocate for the application of AI and robotics in the hospitality industry, contributing to thought leadership as the Director of Contents at the "Foodservice Robotics Pioneers" and hosting relevant events in Madrid. He also actively engages with the community as a member of the Urban Robotics Foundation and founder of the Hospitality Robotics Group. 


A lover of technology, sports, and wine, Francisco embodies a blend of business acumen and a passion for innovation, continuously exploring the intersections of technology and customer service to foster enhanced experiences in hospitality. His multilingual proficiency in Spanish, English, and Italian complements his global business persona, making him a key figure in the international robotics and service industries. 

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