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Sènami Aklé

Director, Head of Design for Sustainability


Senami is an accomplished professional with a diverse background spanning industries such as food and technology. Recognized for her pioneering work in innovation and sustainability, she has played integral roles in product innovation and portfolio management, always with a steadfast commitment to environmental improvement.

Presently, Senami serves as the Director and Head of Design for Sustainability at Logitech, where she champions the integration of sustainable practices into the company's core operations. She firmly believes that innovation lies at the heart of effecting positive change, whether in product design, company culture, or societal progress. It is this belief that drives her to always push for new solutions that are both beneficial to people and the planet.

As a human centered leader, Senami advocates for the power of collaboration in unlocking innovative solutions and catalyzing meaningful impact. "There is only so much one person can achieve; true collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation and the key to effecting the transformative change needed to design a positive future."

Born of French-Beninese heritage and residing in Switzerland, Senami pursued her academic journey at Ecole Polytechnique Paris and UC Berkeley, focusing on engineering and environmental studies. Additionally, she holds an MBA specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship recognized by the EU Business School

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